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Free worms

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Free worms

Post by Lochbois on Sat Aug 24, 2013 9:23 pm

Tonight is the perfect night to get out with your torch and collect a bucket full of Lobworms from well cut lawns or a playing field.
With extra water in the rivers and lakes worms will be on most fishes diets.
Worm fishings a great method to get kids introduced to fishing .
Northumbria Water waters allow two young anglers to fish free which is a great way to start the kids of while they are of school.
I started my fishing useing the worm up Cow -Green in the 70s and their was some nice fish to be caught.
I always used ledgered worm.
I didnt know what a fly rod was until i went to Hury. Then i sold an air rifle for my first Geoffrey Bucknall Fly Rod and a reel and line ,the rest history as they say.Very Happy 


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