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Fishery report 9th November

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Fishery report 9th November

Post by Chrissie Lewis on Mon Nov 09, 2015 11:53 am

Sweethope Fishery Report 9th November 2015
Rain and wind have been making fishing tricky this week. Catches have still been made on both lakes however with the top lake producing more fish than the lower. Local angler Gregg Lewins who had been promising himself a full on week-end fishing braved wet conditions on Sunday to be rewarded with a relatively fine morning. Fishing on the lower lake, Gregg managed to go through his fly box before bringing a rainbow to the net on an electric blue squirmy worm! Other anglers managed success by providing fish with more traditional fare such as hoppers, dabblers and the trusty go to lure the cat’s whisker. As I write this it is blowing a gale but hopefully conditions will quieten down later on in the week. Water temperature is quite high for the time of year and we have yet to experience a frost.
Number of fish to the net: 17 rainbow trout
Number of fish returned: 15
Number of visiting anglers: 10
Successful fly patterns: Cat’s Whisker, Gold Fritz, Claret Hopper, Dabbler, Cruncher, Electric Blue Squirmy Worm.

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