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Mr Ray Hawkey.R.I.P.

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Mr Ray Hawkey.R.I.P.

Post by Lochbois on Sat Sep 14, 2013 9:13 am

I have just learnt of the death of Ray Hawkey 84.
I first met Ray when i was a schoolboy. We found some sheep tangled in barbed wire near to rays cattery on Blakestone Lane nr Thorpe Theweles.
Then when i took an intrest in horse raceing in the late 70s i followed the career of his horse Sunset Cristo.
Later on in my life i met Ray while i was fishing up at the Teesdale Reservoirs and we talked at the reservoirs of Grassholme,Selset,Hury,Blackton.
Ray was the father in law to Howard Johnson the racehorse trainer and i talked to Ray when i saw him at Sedgefield and Hexham.
Ray was a big friend of Harvey Smith and when stood together they were big men but friendly men i found.
I was given a large piece of Deerhair from Ray and i am still tying my muddlers with it. He told me he got it from a Gamekeeper he knew.
Its funny that peace of Deerhair doesnt bring me out in a rash,but when i bought shop pieces my eyes puffed up and ran like a river in flood.
I found this sad news through Google. R.I.P Ray Hawkey.


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