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Hury in 2003.

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Hury in 2003.

Post by Lochbois on Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:34 pm

I thought i would look up my diary when i read that Hury was at a low level.
On 5 july SAT 2003 i called into Hury and met Don NWB manager who was oraniseing the reservoir for a course fishing match.
The reservoir was at the lowest i had seen it .
Don allowed me to fish the reservoir for the trout that had overwintered.
On the Sat 12 July i fished Hury it was very warm and low the main part of the reservoir i caught nothing ,but i fished the feeder river that comes in from Balderhead.
That was like a small but deep river. I fished my usuall Bibio and weighted black and red montana nymph and i had 2 big brown trout and two big rainbows which had overwintered.

Sat 19 i returned to the river in similar conditions and caught another two big rainbows.
It was then September 18 and then 26 when i returned and i had 3 browns on18 and i brown on 26 September.
So ten years later we have similar weather and low water which i actually predicted in May when we had snow.
It was in the late 70s that i first cast a fly rod at Hury reservoir. I was retriveing my flies with a figure of eight retrive .I was thinking to myself ,you dont catch fish on a hook with fur and feather on it when a fish grabbed me rod out me hands leapt about a foot and was off.
That Hury fish was responsable for me becomeing a fly fisherman. I had the worm rod with me also but i was hooked.
Dont forget to try that river at Hury. Its cooler and deeper and their is also course fish in there for the fish to overwinter on. Just remember to fish it like a river.Very Happy PB


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