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waters down south

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Re: waters down south

Post by middlemast on Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:51 pm


like i said ive finished posting ive sadly had to reply to lee the boxer cos the lad asked about me i realy dont give a t--- what people think or say about me but i put a post with bit of banter about my house not once did i make or say anything about class but if its to stay stiff shirted ill read and post when i need to from now on



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Re: waters down south

Post by admin on Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:02 am

Shocked All the Welsh anglers I know, and there are a few have all been really helpful, (still think they like there sheep too much though lol! )

Hywell Morgan (google him) is one of the nicest people any fisherman could ever meet, he has spent more than a little while over a few years trying to teach me how to double haul Shocked (I still cant do it :shock:but do try Wink  )  Higham Lakes were thinking of having him back up this year, well worth the cost for expert tuition.

 Just about all anglers I have met have been friendly with the occasional moron, but you get them in all walks of life.

Middlemast is a great guy to meet up with, although he is not Welsh Shocked  he will share flys Wink techniques and spots to get you into fish, on Derwent after all he knows it like the back of his hand.

I have been called a Troll on a couple of occasions by the same person Shocked , I thought they were some sort of doll from the 80s, The internet is full of forums, blogs, websites, etc. The only way of knowing who you are talking too is too meet up, which is where the site days come in, How many of you lot would I know if it was not for site days out? even I do not know everybody that is on the site.

We are all here for I hope the enjoyment of fly tying and fly fishing, some of us manage a day out once a month or less, some eat, breath, sleep fishing, a lot depends on a persons family life and circumstances. I know I would like to be out fishing every day but that is an impossibility for me.


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Re: waters down south

Post by Lochbois on Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:41 am

High pressure ,blue skies,get the boobies out cos the fish are on the bottom. Remember they dont have eyelids to close.
Night fishing or evening will be fine but dont forget your Jungle Formula coss them midges wil definatly be biteing and they get everywhere.
Scaleing Dam the most Southerly of NWA waters has one of the best evening rises that i have ever come across in the North East there is the big red sedge hatches on there.


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Re: waters down south

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