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Severn Barrage Plans Dropped

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Severn Barrage Plans Dropped

Post by Lochbois on Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:03 pm

I have read through the Angling Trust that plans to build a Severn Barrage have been dropped.
Some of you probably know that i got involved with the Teesbarrage campaign in 2002.
I got involved more in 2008 when i found out what the internet was.
When i learnt their was plans for a Severn Barrage i wrote to MPs ect saying that we have a problem at the Teesbarrage with Seals slaughtering migratory Tees fish and that in my opinion building a Severn Barrage would be an Envoironment disaster to Sea-Trout Fisheries on the West Coast.
Anyway its great news for me that somebody has listened to Anglers voices.
It also shows we only have the Angling Trust if things go wrong to fight for us.
I am glad that i was only barred from three fishing forums in my efforts to make people aware that Barrages are ok for watersports ect, but more thought has got to go into the acess to our fish and other wildlife affected by these Barrages.Very Happy PB


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