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Signs of Spring Hopefully.

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Signs of Spring Hopefully.

Post by Lochbois on Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:57 pm

Suppose ive got itchy feet with it being 21st but i jumped in the car and headed for Jubille Trout Lake.
i Didnt plan on fishing at all but it was nice to see a few fish riseing on the edge of the ripple.
Couldnt understand why fishermen wernt casting a black and peacock at them like i used to in the 70s when i was just becomeing a fly fisherman.
Looking back in my diary the black and peacock was catching me fish on the Wear and at Jubilee ,then i went to Hury and Grasshome and it worked there.
Anyway i saw Spring Lambs around Darlington.
I bought myself some hooks and fur while chatting to Sandra about old times.
The Sring water comeing out of the lake looked nice to drink it had icicles to remind us that its cold. Smile
I will keep my eye on the Snow. Balderhead ,Cow-Green, or Selset are my targets for the Wild Brown trout. Smile


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