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Cameras at the Tees Barrage

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Cameras at the Tees Barrage

Post by Lochbois on Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:45 pm

I was down at the Teesbarrage on Sunday Evening walking my dog as usual.
The E/A were doing a study of the migratory fish that were travelling through the open gates on the North Bank of the Impassable Teesbarrage.
I heard some good news from the men who were useing underwater cameras placed in the freshwater side of the barrage.
They told me fish have been recorded useing the new fish passage on the slalom course. They have told me they have electric fish counting on the old fish ladder and that now lets fish through instead of holding them in that little cage.
I have noticed fish dont leap about as much showing themselves. The E/A man said that is down to the fish haveing more freshwater and better oxygen.
This was all good news to myself and he thanked me when i mentioned that i had been campaigning for better access since 2002.
He found it very funny that i had actually been barred of the whitbyfishingforum for life simply because i used the two words Seal and Tees when i wrote on the thread about the Teesbarrage.
But as they say all thats water through the Teesbarrage and i am certainly happy that we are finally being listened to by the E/A and Britishwaterways.
Its also right to give the Angling Trust a thank you because they have done a lot of work so that we can end this massive fish slaughter and poaching that has gone on since 1993 when the Teesbarrage first closed the gates to the migratory fish.Very Happy 


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